PC Lacroix Consulting Inc. offers a comprehensive range of services:

Whether you need advice, help with a specific task, or overall project management, PC Lacroix Inc. guarantees quality service and expertise.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is about creating a vision.  It is a formal process to define what an organization does, why it does it, and what its future direction will be.  In this way, a coherent strategy is developed so that all decisions and actions contribute to the end goals of the organization.

PC Lacroix Inc. applies business analysis techniques to help clients clarify their purpose and direction and, starting with the end in mind, assists in the development of realistic, efficient strategies to achieve these goals.  We have wide-ranging knowledge of the many interacting systems that must be considered in strategic planning.

Specific strategic planning services are to:

  • Identify the organization’s current and future goals, determining factors that help or hinder achievement of these goals.
  • Identify strategic, management or organizational challenges and offer realistic options for improvement.
  • Provide strategies for improvements to policies and procedures that position the organization for future growth.
  • Plan for and develop a roadmap for system process re-design that increases organizational efficiency.
  • Develop a comprehensive report outlining strategies and action steps, including strengths and weaknesses in considering the consequences of implementing change within the organization.

System Transformation

System transformation is about analyzing an organization as a system and determining positive changes needed to realign operations with the strategic vision.  The analysis takes into consideration current assets, processes and resources that may be maximized to increase return on investment.  System transformation will certainly affect people in the workplace and must be managed to achieve a successful, sustainable outcome.

PC Lacroix Inc. helps clients assess existing management and operational processes by conducting an analysis of system inputs, throughputs and outputs that include a comprehensive review of roles, responsibilities and accountability.

System transformation services include a comprehensive assessment of current state, determination of future state, and a transition plan for effective change.  Suggested steps include the following:

Systems Analysis

Review effectiveness and efficiency of business and operational processes.
Analyze access and flow patterns in relation to resource supply and service demand.
Analyze process flow of systems and subsystems that impact goal attainment.
Examine relationships and communication practices between departments.

Work Force Analysis

Review and clarify staff roles, responsibilities and accountability.
Analyze workforce needs for staff development and training.

Service Analysis

Assess risk, quality and safety of service.
Review customer satisfaction results where available.

System Redesign

Develop a comprehensive document that includes:

  • Business cases and rationale for redesigning workflow processes.
  • Best practices within the service industry.
  • Recommended development or revision of policies and procedures.
  • Identification of process and outcome measures and key indicators.
  • Communication and engagement planning.
  • Strategies for effectively managing change for staff and the workplace.
  • Accountability metrics to continually measure improvements.

Health Information/Informatics Technology and Management

Health Information Technology is a key enabler in providing a more cost-effective and efficient healthcare system. Generally, Health Information Technology is the use of electronic devices for managing information that ensures it is available to the right person at the right time and place.

Health Information/Informatics Management services are designed to support the use of electronic records by healthcare entities or patients in the creation, maintenance, access, or exchange of health information.

PC Lacroix Consulting Inc. assists education and healthcare industry clients in strategically planning for health information/informatics management workforce development needs, and provides expertise in curriculum development, program implementation and results-based evaluation.

Specific health information/informatics consultation services are to:

  • Identify market trends in health information/informatics technology and management, and their related influence in various healthcare settings.
  • Determine key market drivers in information technology and management and build business cases for change within a healthcare environment.
  • Establish educational requirements that guide course development and program design, up to the graduate level.
  • Provide expertise in program integration, delivery methodology and market positioning to maximize return on current and planned educational assets.
  • Develop educational programming and implementation strategies.
  • Provide expertise in information technology/informatics research with opportunity to develop proposals and research projects.


Privacy and Security Risk Management

Privacy of personally identifiable information is protected in law therefore public, private and non-profit organizations must demonstrate compliance with the requirements set out in the legislation.  Organizations must follow acceptable practices for the collection, use, disclosure, storage and disposal of personal information.

PC Lacroix Inc. works with public, private and non-profit clients to identify information assets, assess risk exposure, develop a privacy and security program to meet their specific needs, and provide ongoing services in security updates, privacy compliance, and breach management.

Specific privacy and security consultation/management services include:

  • Assessments
  • Conduct a Privacy Impact Assessment that identifies risks and compliance gaps, and recommend strategies to reduce or eliminate risks.
  • Conduct a Security Threat Risk Analysis to identify system vulnerabilities.

Privacy and Security Programs

Develop a Privacy and Security Program that includes accountability and governance, policy and procedure development and staff training to protect personal and organizational information.
Ensure data assets are secure in accordance with current industry standards.
Liaise with legal and other departments as required for risk mitigation.

Privacy Education

Advise clients on privacy and security compliance requirements and strategies for risk management.
Develop and deliver privacy and security educational sessions to staff.

Incident Response

Assist organizations in responding to and managing security and privacy breaches.

Ongoing Services

Continued updates on security and privacy policies and procedures as standards, legislation and best practices continue to evolve.
New staff orientation, ongoing training and updates.

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